Vip-Gran instrument for ISS approved! – March 2017

After our presentation at ESTEC in January 2017, the ESA Programme Board approved the plan to proceed with no further delay with the development (phase δB/C) of the VIP-GRAN instrument for ISS as part of the ESA E3P SciSpace programme.

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Success of the 3rd Parabolic Flight campaign!

The third parabolic flight campaign of the Vip-Gran instrument were performed in Bordeaux  (France) in November 2016.

Granular convection, segregation for heterogeneous granular media, and quasi-elastic limit of a dissipative granular gas were studied.

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Ready for PFC65 !

Our instrument VIP-Gran is ready for parabolic flights in Bordeaux next weeks. The parameters of the experiments have been fixed at the Cologne meeting last September.  plan :


  • Day 1: Segregation of small and large ITO coated glass beads: Thanks to the transparency of the particles demixing can be highlighted in the system. Moreover, convection is studied for granular media exposed to asymmetric excitation.
  • Day 2: Thermodynamical limit: Increasing the cell size while maintaining a constant packing fraction triggers cluster formation. This counterintuitive phenomenon is linked to finite sizes effects present in our system.
  • Day 3: Mixing anisotropic particles: We study a mixture of spherical beads and rods. Segregation coupled to the apparition of layers within the bulk may lead to ordered arrangements of the elongated particles.Collecting data is of crucial interest for confirming our recent discoveries : convection in granular gases and segregation phenomena in space.
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VIP-GRAN Instrument Training Meeting – Oct. 2016

PhotoVipGranTraining with the VIP-GRAN instrument (developed by DTM Tech.) will be performed in Modena (Italy) from 12th to 14th oct. 2016.

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3rd Parabolic Flight campaign for Vip-Gran – November 2016

A310zeroGThe Space Grains collaboration will use the Vip-Gran instrument during the 65th ESA Parabolic Flight Campaign, October 24 to November 04, 2016 at Novespace, Bordeaux (France)

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Space Grains Workshop, Cologne (Germany) – Sept. 19-20, 2016

DLRlogoThe aim of the workshop is to discuss the scientific results obtained from the 2nd Parabolic Flight Campaign (PFC64-April 2016) of the VIPGRAN experiment. We will also fix the parameters for the next PFC65 of November 2016.

The meeting took place at DLR Headquarters, Linder Höhe 51147 Cologne (Germany) from the 19th (2pm) to 20th (5pm) of September 2016.

21 Sept. 2016 –  The experiments selected for PFC65 during this meeting are:

  1. Granular convection,
  2. Segregation for highly heterogeneous granular media,
  3. Quasi-elastic limit of a dissipative granular gas.


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News from PFC64

DSC_0004We performed new experiments within the April ESA campaign. The instrument is really improved thanks to DTM ! From the first observations, we obtained clustering and segregation. Lots of data will now be analyzed for quantifying the phenomena.


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