PFC Results

Several experiments dedicated to the study of the behavior of a granular medium in low-gravity have been performed during 10 parabolic flight campaigns (2015-2021) via the ESA VIP-GRAN-PF instrument.

This versatile instrument allows us the study of a wide range of properties of a granular medium in low-gravity. Its modular design, based on several interchangeable experimental cells, allows the study of both dilute and dense regimes in reduced gravity (e.g. granular gas, segregation of a heterogeneous granular material, sound propagation, granular convection, jamming and rheology). The instrument is fully described in Ref. [2] as well as the main objectives and preliminary results.

Eight ESA Parabolic Flight Campaigns was performed in low-gravity environment onboard the Airbus Zero-G. A couple of them was devoted to instrument tests, others led to the first scientific results [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]:

  • The first observation in low-gravity of a phenomenon of segregation within a mixture of bi-disperse driven grains, which helps to better understand the granular surface (regolith) of certain astrophysical stars [1].
  • The origin of the transition from a gase-like regime to a solid-like regime of particles (cluster), when the density of particles increases, has been also explained [3].


Parabolic flight campaigns performed with ESA VIP-GRAN-PF instrument:


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