Selected publications related to the Space Grains project from scientists :


M. Noirhomme, A. Cazaubiel, E. Falcon, D. Fischer, Y. Garrabos, C. Lecoutre-Chabot, S. Mawet, E. Opsomer, F. Palencia, S. Pillitteri, & N. Vandewalle, Particle Dynamics at the Onset of the Granular Gas-Liquid Transition, Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 128002 (2021) – PDF

D. Puzyrev, D. Fischer, K. Harth, T. Trittel, R. C. Hidalgo, E. Falcon, M. Noirhomme, E. Opsomer, N. Vandewalle, Y. Garrabos, C. Lecoutre, F. Palencia & R. Stannarius, Visual analysis of density and velocity profiles in dense 3D granular gases, Scientific Reports 11, 10621 (2021) – PDF


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M. Noirhomme, A. Cazaubiel, A. Darras, E. Falcon, D. Fischer, Y. Garrabos, C. Lecoutre-Chabot, S. Merminod, E. Opsomer, F. Palencia, J. Schockmel, R. Stannarius & N. Vandewalle, Threshold of gas-like to clustering transition in driven granular media in low-gravity environment, EPL (Europhysics Letters) 123, 14003 (2018) – PDF

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