Work Packages

Different experiments are envisaged within the Space Grains project from the study of dilute systems to dense assemblies of granular media in low-gravity environment.

To wit, different Working Packages (WP) involving specific cells, numbers of particles (see below) and protocols have been selected. Several Parabolic Flight Campaigns (PFCs) have been successfully performed with the Vip-Gran instrument (see below).

More details in our article An instrument for studying granular media in low-gravity environment, Review of Scientific Instruments 89, 075103 (2018)

WP1 : Diluted granular media: Gas- to solid-like transition, Granular cooling

WP2 : Dense granular media: Rheology, Jamming

WP3 : Granular convection, Sound propagation

WP4 : Segregation, Aspherical particles, TransportParabolic Flicht Campaigns (PFC) performed with Vip-Gran instrument:



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