VIP-GRAN Instrument Training Meeting – July 2015

PhotoVipGranFirst trainings with the VIP-GRAN instrument (developed for Parabolic Flights by DTM Technologies) were performed in Modena (Italy) from 7th to 9th july 2015. Review of tests performed by DTM were discussed, and training of the scientific team were realized. Table of parameters are now defined for the first PF campaign (63rd ESA Parabolic Flight campaign in Bordeaux – France).

Participants were S. Aumaître (CEA-Saclay), D. Maza (Univ. de Narvarra), E. Falcon (Univ. Paris Diderot/CNRS), Y. Garrabos (ICMCB Bordeaux/CNRS), C. Lecoutre (ICMCB Bordeaux/CNRS), O. Minster (ESA), M. Noirhomme (Univ. Liège), E. Opsomer (Univ. Liège), M. Pinelli (DTM), L. Recanatesi (DTM), D. Santachiara (DTM), M. Schröter (Max Plank), and V. Koehne (ESA).

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