Space Grains Collaboration Meeting in Paris – September 2011

The Topical Team meeting has been held in Paris, ESA Headquarters on September 21, 2011. During the meeting, the status of the project, the status of the breadboard tests have been discussed. The Working Packages are defined for selecting scientific objectives.

Participants are E. Falcon(Univ. Paris 7), N. Vandewalle(Univ. Liege), S. Aumaître (CEA-Saclay), R. Behringer (Duke University), P. Behrmann (ESA), M. Berhanu (CNRS & Univ. Paris Diderot), E. Clément (ESPCI & Univ. P. M. Curie), P. Evesque (Ecole Centrale Paris), S. Fauve (Ecoole Normale Superieur) A. Garcimartín (Univ. de Narvarra), Y. Garrabos (ICMCB-CNRS, Bordeaux), M. Hou (Chineese Ac. of Sciences), C. Lecoutre (ICMCB-CNRS, Bordeaux), F. Ludewig (Univ. Liège), E. Opsomer (Univ. Liège), T. Peignier (ESA), E. Rodriguez (COMAT), M. Sperl (DRL), S. Vincent-Bonnieu (ESA), P. Yu (DLR), B. Zappoli (CNES)

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