Coordination : Angel Garcimartin Montero, Univesidad de Navarra, Spain

Motivation : In Space Grains WP3, the convection of grains is studied in common cells (2d and 3d). The relevant parameters which control convection in zero g are not yet established. The Space Grains project will allow scientists to perform long runs and extensive study of this phenomenon. A specific cell (asymmetric cell) will be proposed in a second step of the project.

[1]  M.Noirhomme, E.Opsomer, N.Vandewalle, F.Ludewig, Granular transport in driven granular gas, Eur. Phys. J. E 38, 9 (2015)

The movie below illustrates the dynamical clustering under asymmetric energy injection. The moving walls oscillate at different amplitudes.  The cluster (yellow colored grains) moves close to the cold wall.   

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